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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quiet on the River

Meramec River
A couple of weeks ago I was painting on the Meramec at Castlewood State Park. This is where the flooding is now. Then the river was quiet and spring was just starting. 8x8 inches. O
Edit Postsil on canvas mounted on masonite.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Indian Creek

Indian Creek. The cool, green creek was so inviting in the summer. 8x8 inches. Oil on canvas mounted on masonite.
New Hope Church Road

New Hope Church Road. Another painting for last summer. 8x10 inches. Oil on canvas mounted on Masonite.
Last Summer

I found bunch of paintings which I did last summer and never posted. They made me long for summer again. We just had that big snow fall. This one has a late summer feel. 8x10 inches Oil canvas mounted on Masonite.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Allen in the Tall Grass

Allen painting by the creek in the tall grass. 6x8 inches.
The Meramec in the Spring

I always associate wild flowers with the early spring. This past Sunday the creek was littered with plein air painters. This is Dave ( on left) and Shawn standing on a gravel bar, painting away.
The Valentine's Party

A change of pace here. This is a watercolorof some of the girls at the Homeschoolers' Valentines Party. Very fun. Tons of candy and a womderful time was had by all.
Old Stable Bridge

The second painting from that stormy weekend in Forest Park. This painting is already sold. 6x8 inches.
Stomy Sunday Forest Park

The same weekend as the previous post. I just didn't put this one up. This is Henryk a supper painter who uses Old Holland pants, also. I love the rich color and the stiff texture of the paint. I do think it works well with the Maroger medium but I've been mixing my own stand oil and Gamsol or Sansoder medium for the studio. Outside, I'm currently using a small vial of Galkyd. Still, I think the Maroger is superior. The guy on the left is Bill Farthing.

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