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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning

The last morning, my sister and I set out to fish or paint.  I painted this painting.  Nothing had started to turn. It still looked like summer.  It was a beautiful morning.  8x10 oil on canvas panel.

Portarit No 2 Happy Birthday Mom.

I did this portrait sketch of my mother two day before her 93rd birthday. Happy Birthday MOM.  She was drawing the wildflowers on the table. 10x8 canvas on panel

Last Trip to the country Monday 9/12

The next day, I did two paintings while my sister fished.  First black, white and Torrit Gray painting, then my sister fishing.   She didn't catch anything that morning, but  I added a fish to the painting.
 8x10 canvas on panel

Last Trip to Indian Creek 9/11

Painting on the evening of 9/11 the sky was a beautiful apricot color.  It got deeper and deeper and then it was dark.  I didn't like what happened with the colors so I glazed the painting with Old Holland Schevenings Donker Rose a la Maxfield Parish.  Loved the result.
  8x19 canvas on birch panel.

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