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Monday, September 23, 2013

U City in Bloom ( Univeristy City, MO)

Yesterday I painted at Jerry Birkhead's Garden in University City for the U City in Bloom benefit Garden Tour.  It was a beautiful day, cool, sunny, just wonderful. His Graden is replete with many garden statues, lights, furniture on a cobblestone patio. Here's the putti from a fountain. Another painting from the day will be posted shortly. !6"x12" oil on canvas mounted on wood.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

End of Summer New Plain Air Paintings

The summer has Flown away., Never did as much painting as I wanted since I was involved in working on a major commission.  I'll post on that separately.  I did do some painting and up to now have been unable to share them as I have had time to post them here.
I've recent listed several paintings on eBay.  Here they are with their links in the captions.  All painted plein air, in oil.
Garden & House Next Door 12X16'

Garden Lily at the Fence 12x16"

Pink Lemonade - Pink Sky on the Fields 6x8"

Add Moon Lit Night Plein Air in the Backyard - 6x8"

Park Fountains Impressionism - 6x8"

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