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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cape Cod Day 3. The day was bright and sunny although a bit cool in the morning. I painted two paintings in the afternoon. Then the wind really picked up and I was tired. The first painting was a 9x12 inch canvas panel painting of Alfie Glover's cute floating studio ( and sometimes cocktail lounge - according to Joe ). Coyly moored on the beach, the studio just demanded to be painted. A light shower didn't deter us in the afternoon and until the wind got unbearable, it was a lovely day.

Glover's Studio

Before I got started on the big picture of the day, I painted another version of the little boat from memory. This painting was a gift for Ira.

Glover's Studio
Cape Cod Day 2. The rain was heavy on Wednesday night and Thursday started overcast and rainy. In fact, we sat on Joe McGurl's lawn and watched him paint in the rain. I wasn't cold that day as I wore plenty of layers and all three jackets that I brought with me. The first painting is the lovely bridge to Amrita Island. Both paintgs are 6x8 on gessoed panel.

The Bridge

I was sitting on the jetty of beach and after I painted the bridge i turned around and painted the view across the bay. The clouds were rolling in and the wind had really picked up. The rain came in light waves.

The Bridge
CapeCod! Here is the first painting I did when I got to the shore. A cute little boat up on a stand. The first of several 6x8 paintings on gessoed panel. I think I got the sun here.

Blue Boat

Cape Cod! I painted at Cape Cod, around Cataumet last week. Wednesday the first day was sunny, but I found the winds cold. This is the second painting of the day. After I did the boat I turned and started to paint the drive down to the water. This painting is 6x8 inches gessoed panel.


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