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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cape Cod Day 3. The day was bright and sunny although a bit cool in the morning. I painted two paintings in the afternoon. Then the wind really picked up and I was tired. The first painting was a 9x12 inch canvas panel painting of Alfie Glover's cute floating studio ( and sometimes cocktail lounge - according to Joe ). Coyly moored on the beach, the studio just demanded to be painted. A light shower didn't deter us in the afternoon and until the wind got unbearable, it was a lovely day.

Glover's Studio

Before I got started on the big picture of the day, I painted another version of the little boat from memory. This painting was a gift for Ira.

Glover's Studio

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  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I spent the last two summers swimming in that water. The little blue boat on the stand was the Sand's sailboat. I've run down that boardwalk about a thousand times...its's my grandparents'. The Cape House on the hill with the purple shutters and blue door is my grandparent's house. I love Cataumet. I've caught thousands of minnows and crabs on that beach. This is a great painting. It reminds me so much and it makes me sad. I wish I was there now.


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