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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shaw Arboretum1
Shaw Arboretum2
Shaw Arboretum2

Shaw Arboretum almost two weeks ago. I painted at the Shaw Arboretum last Sunday. It seemed like quite a few people were there also. A large group of the plein air painters were there, too. The daffodils covered many of the large fields. The pink trees in the first painting shown was the under painting or tone of the board coming through. The second painting I did first thing of the day and I couldn't get the white paint opened. So I used Naples yellow as my white and consequently it didn't work that well. Avery cool cast to the painting. Dave had a handy tool, an impressive Swiss army knife type of folding pliers that opened the white and I was in business. My third painting was the portrait of the plein air painters Dwight and Jane. Jane looked like a pre-raphelite or Sargent model and I just had to try to capture her. It is so cold that I think I'll skip tomorrow and work on some still lifes.
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